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          日期:2024-02-23   來源:http://www.sqylccsb.com/


          When an excavator experiences arm drop failure, different manifestations can also occur, and the fault phenomenon can be roughly divided into arm drop of the upper arm, arm drop of the lower arm, arm drop of the middle arm, arm drop of the cold vehicle and normal hot vehicle, etc.


          7 Common Causes of Arm Drop Fault


          1. Arm drop caused by hydraulic oil failure. If the cold car is normal and the hot car falls off, it is very likely that there is a problem with the hydraulic oil.


          2. The hydraulic cylinder of the excavator malfunctions, especially when the oil seal of the cylinder is damaged or aged, resulting in internal leakage of the oil seal.


          3. Blockage of the distribution valve hole, wear of the valve core, excessive clearance between the valve cores, and wear and damage to the main safety valve of the distribution valve, resulting in the suspension of the large and small arms.


          When the oil seal of the safety relief valve for the large and small arms is damaged, it can cause certain leakage and also lead to arm dropping.


          5. Due to poor sealing of the distribution pump, also known as "oil unloading", the sealing ring of the distribution pump needs to be replaced.



          6. Poor contact of the hydraulic pump proportional solenoid valve connector can also cause the phenomenon of large and small arms falling off.


          7. Severe arm drop (oil temperature around 45 ℃, bucket teeth dropping more than 95mm in 5 minutes) may be caused by the main valve being stuck.


          What should I do if an excavator loses its arm?


          1. Check the working environment temperature of the excavator to see if there is any improper selection of hydraulic oil models and if inferior hydraulic oil has been used.


          When an arm drop fault occurs, you can first reduce the pressure on the boom and carefully observe whether the boom drops quickly.


          3. Check if there are any faults in the hydraulic cylinder and oil seal. Poor oil seal can cause oil leakage, so it is necessary to replace the oil seal in a timely manner.


          After replacing the oil seal, if the arm still falls out, check the distribution valve and the boom return oil safety valve.


          5. Check whether the working pressure and pilot pressure of the excavator's main hydraulic pump meet the requirements.


          This article is dedicated by the extended arm excavator. For more information, please click: http://www.sqylccsb.com Sincere attitude. We will provide you with comprehensive services. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned

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