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          日期:2024-02-21   來源:http://www.sqylccsb.com/


          1. Strong emergency mobility and quick mobilization.


          The key to the success or failure of emergency rescue lies in whether one can arrive at the scene of the accident for rescue in the first time. Long arm excavators can be towed to the destination and arrive at the accident site for rescue in less than half an hour, achieving timely rescue.


          2. Highlight the key points of rescue and improve the efficiency of rescue.



          In the past, manual rescue and throwing of stones in dangerous situations often failed to arrive in a timely manner, with most of the stones stuck on the dam slope, while conventional excavators could only throw the stones halfway up the slope. However, the long arm excavator can move freely and quickly on the dam surface according to the severity of the danger during the rescue process, highlighting the word "fast".


          3. Reduce labor intensity and compress rescue costs.


          When using conventional excavators for emergency rescue, it is often necessary to cooperate with the use of human sea tactics, which results in high labor intensity. At the same time, after the rescue, the dam slope needs to be renovated, increasing the cost of rescue. By using a long arm excavator for emergency rescue, costs such as manual secondary rock throwing and repairing dam slopes were saved.


          4. Long duration of continuous work, suitable for emergency rescue in major dangerous situations.


          The key to rescue lies in time. Firstly, timely rescue is necessary to control the further expansion of the danger situation; Secondly, emergency rescue should be carried out in one go to avoid a large loss of materials and supplies. In the past, conventional excavators often required a large amount of manual stone throwing, with a continuous effective operation time of no more than 4 hours. Over time, they would become inadequate and unable to ensure the continuity of emergency work. By using a long arm excavator, it is possible to operate continuously without the need for refueling materials, ensuring a seamless rescue operation.


          This article is dedicated by the extended arm excavator. For more information, please click: http://www.sqylccsb.com Sincere attitude. We will provide you with comprehensive services. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned

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